J.S. Bach: The Goldberg Variations
performed by
Millicent Silver
BHP 901

This disc, the first in our Historical Performances Series, celebrates the career and the artistry of Millicent Silver, who for some forty years was well-known as a regular performer in London and on BBC radio both as soloist and as harpsichordist with the London Harpsichord Ensemble which she founded with her husband John Francis (photo below).

Though she made very few recordings, we are delighted to re-present this recording of the Goldberg Variations for its musical integrity, its warmth, and particularly the use of tonal dynamics (adding or subtracting of 4' and 16' stops to the basic 8') which enhances the dramatic architecture.

On a personal note (from the catalogUE editors!), we have heard numerous versions of the Goldbergs over the years, most of which remain in our collection, from harpsichord, piano and organ to string trio, orchestra, double-keyboard piano, guitar, two guitars - even two hammered dulcimers! Whichever version we listen to, we always seem to come back to Millicent Silver as our "desert island" favoUrite.


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