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The Art of Good Government
Where there is Injury, there must be Protection.
Where there is no Injury,
there is neither cause nor justification
for the interference of law and the exercise of its power.

The Politics of Prosperity
People are disillusioned with politicians, whose popularity is testing new lows.
Politicians should focus on what people really want: prosperity.

Liberty and Law
Law creates liberty, but can also destroy it.
The key lies in the amount of government control over its citizens.

Governing Government
Government is over-manned, over-pensioned, untrustworthy and untrusted.
And it claims anything up to half the nation's income.
We need a new Constitution, to impose obligations and limitations, ensure accountability, and keep government accounts in order.

A One-Page Constitution


Development Banking for Jobs and Productivity
Job-creation requires capital in sufficient quantity and with guaranteed longterm financial reliability.

Full Employment. Zero Inflation. And a Fair Day's Pay.
The absence of any defined relationship between work and reward
is a failure of social justice, and a barrier to full employment.

Productivity in Government
Government takes half the nation's income. It needs to maximize its own productivity.

The Rocky Road to Prosperity
GROWTH or STAGNATION: Inflation is inevitable. So is recession.
PRODUCTIVITY and PROSPERITY: It's all possible.


Britain Forward
A Programme for sustainable Growth through Regional Development
and Government Productivity.

Britain for Peace
A political policy of Peace and Non-Aggression offers
economic growth, urban and rural heritage preservation
and government reform.

Fundamental change provides opportunity for review, revision, and with care, improvement. Failures identified and analyzed, new ways explored, the bar set ever higher. Education, investment, growth. These are the tools of prosperity. And they begin at home, here and now.

If Brussels threatens invasion to prevent us leaving the EU...


New HoriZon Ebooks
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The New Earth
Earth Changes and the Ascension of Planet Earth.
Regular updates.

Law and Governance in the New Age
A political system based on non-aggression.

The Story of Creation


The Baroque Music Site
Everything you need to know about baroque music.
Articles, composer biogs and portraits.

The Baroque Music Library
190 titles – individual works – concertos, sonatas,
organ and harpsichord works.
Check samples, then download FREE in mp3.
A vital resource for baroque music lovers and students.


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