This site contains everything you need to know about baroque music... well, not quite. Because there's so much to be learned, so much pleasure to be gained not by reading about it, but by listening! For a start, click the two images below, the Barocophile and the Bachophile, to download 150 minutes each of Baroque (all major composers) and Bach (every aspect of his work).

What is the essence of baroque music? Baroque music expresses order, the fundamental order of the universe. Yet it is always lively and tuneful. Music reflects the mood of the times, then as now as always. Follow the development of music through this brief outline, from the earliest times to the present day, with baroque music in historical context.

A Double CD Album
Baroque Music Sampler

A Double CD Album
Bach's Music Sampler

Antonio Vivaldi
Biography   |   CD

George Frideric Handel

Henry Purcell
Music and its performance has its fashions, like everything else. There are currently two schools of thought in the performance of baroque music: the “traditional” and the more recent “authentic” – though both names are misleading. A little knowledge of the alternatives will clarify these often controversial issues.

Why not delve yet further into the world of baroque performance?

The Baroque German Harpsichord – Neither French, Italian, nor even Flemish... the baroque German harpsichord was in a world of its own, large, sonorous, and with a variety of registration options often spread over three manuals. History and illustrations.

Read about one of Bach's favourite keyboard instruments, custom-built to his own specifications, yet now almost impossible to hear on record.
     The Lute-harpsichord: A Forgotten Instrument

Or discover the difference between the Italian violin bow which we know today, and the German baroque bow which is never seen nor heard today, though popular in baroque Germany. The vital difference: the German bow can play chords - which makes Bach's pieces for solo violin infinitely more interesting, not to mention accurate!
     The Baroque German Violin Bow: A Lost Art

Get to know the major baroque composers better through their portraits.

The World of Baroque Music, its Composers and Musicians, together with the many aristocrats and senior clergy who promoted it. Albinoni, JS Bach, Corelli, Geminiani, Handel, Scarlatti, Telemann and others - plus notes on influential musical centres, and developments in different countries, illustrating the origins of “baroque”, and the breadth of baroque musical “globalisation”!

Alessandro Scarlatti (1660-1725)
Biography   |   Orchestral Works CD

Unico Willem van Wassenaer
Biography   |   Six Concertos CD

Francesco Geminiani (1687-1762)
Biography   |   'Corelli' Concertos

ALBINONI Tomaso Giovanni (Venice 1671-1751)
ALBICASTRO Enrico (Switzerland 1670-1738)
BACH Johann Sebastian (Germany 1685-1750)
BONONCINI Giovanni Battista (Italy 1670-1747)
BONPORTI Francesco Antonio (Italy (1672-1749)
BOYCE William (England 1711-1779)
BUXTEHUDE Diderik (Denmark 1637-1707)
CERNOHORSKY Bohuslav Matej (Prague 1684)
CORELLI Arcangelo (1653-1713)
COUPERIN François Couperin (Paris 1668-1733)
CROFT William (England 1678-1727)
FASCH Johann Friedrich (Germany 1688-1758)
FUX Johann Joseph (Austria 1660-1741)
GEMINIANI Francesco (Tuscany 1687-1762)
HANDEL George Friderick (Halle 1685-London 1750)
      Handel at Adlington Hall
     Handel's "Home from Home" in the English Midlands
      Handel's MESSIAH
     Performance in Dublin / Continuo / Charles Jennens
     The Rise and Fall of the Duke of Chandos
     for whom Handel composed the Chandos Anthems)        .
LOCATELLI Pietro Antonio (Italy 1695-1764)
MARCELLO Alessandro (1669) Benedetto (1686)
PACHELBEL Johann (Nuremberg 1686-1768)
PORPORA Nicola (Naples 1653-1706)
PURCELL Henry (London 1659-1695)
RAMEAU Jean-Philippe (Dijon 1683-Paris 1764)
SCARLATTI Alessandro (father 1660-1725)
SCARLATTI Giuseppe Domenico (son 1685-1757)
STANLEY John (London 1712-1786)
TELEMANN Georg Philipp (Hamburg 1681-1767)
     A Message from Telemann on baroque performance
TORELLI Giuseppe (Verona 1658 - Bologna 1709)
VIVALDI Antonio (Venice 1678 - Vienna 1741)
     Vivaldi "Rediscovered"
     The Four Seasons Sonnets
van WASSENAER Unico Willem (Holland 1692-1766)
ZELENKA Jan Dismas (Bohemia 1679 - Dresden 1745)
von SPORCK Count Frantisek Antonin (1662-1738)
   The clandestine collaboration between Sporck and JS Bach
STRADIVARI Antonio (Violin Maker Cremona 1644-1737)
Baroque Europe's music-publishing scene
John Walsh (London) and Estienne Roger (Amsterdam)

Bach at age 35

Bach in old age
Johann Sebastian Bach

Bach on Silbermann organs CD
Contemporary with, and a personal friend of JS Bach was one of the two leading baroque organ-builders: Gottfried Silbermann. There are still some 30 of Silbermann's organs extant in Saxony, southern Germany, many in near-original condition, from the small village organs in which he excelled, to the 3-Manual, 44-Stop organ in Freiberg Cathedral.
Master Organ-Builder of the German Baroque.

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